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About Us

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Kidz Safe Harbor Treatment Center is a proud residential treatment center that provides quality therapeutic programs for children and adolescent boys 7 to 17 years old located in Richmond, Texas. We recognize each child and adolescent is a wellspring of potential, which is why we designed services, such as dialectical behavior, cognitive, art, and psychodrama therapies, to guide them.

Our purpose is to support children and adolescents struggling with mental health and behavioral issues by designing a program which helps them harness their passions. We will provide individual, group, and family therapy, as well as psycho-educational and experiential therapies. We believe success happens when our clients live in a greater harmony with themselves and their families.

Children and adolescents are most likely to make changes when they become therapeutically engaged in the treatment process and establish healthy relationships. These opportunities are best provided when programs give consistency with a balance of positive reinforcement and therapeutic limit setting.

It is also Kidz Safe Harbor Treatment’s belief that success most often occurs when support systems (families, juvenile justice professionals, and others) are intensively involved in the treatment process to enhance existing relationships and increase the likelihood for permanent change.

As the child or adolescent participates in the Kidz Safe Harbor Treatment program, he will develop the skills and competencies necessary for behavioral self-control.

Emphasis is placed on teaching and modeling skills which enable the child or adolescent to establish and maintain positive relationships. Therapeutic interventions address building self-esteem, developing effective coping mechanisms, establishing personal boundaries, accepting personal responsibility, and problem-solving skills.

For additional information about us and what we can offer you, please feel free to contact us at 281-709-6380 or send us a message to info@kidzsafeharbor.com.